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How many vacations and sick days have you taken over the past 30 years? Cathy hasn't taken any, which earned her a Guinness World Record award. She has played Margaret Brent in the long-running thriller PERFECT CRIME almost 14,000 times - and only stopped on March 16 when all small theaters were closed due to the pandemic. Some people think she's a hard worker; others think she's crazy. She thinks she's both.


Cathy on her
Acting Journey:

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"I've performed in films and on TV but my heart belongs to Off-Broadway.  I have loved the experience of going onstage 8 times a week for 37 years. For me, the challenge of doing a long run is making each performance fresh and a little different. I was quoted in the New York Times several years ago as saying, "There are 100 ways to say 'I love you" and I've said them all." As I've grown older in the role, my performance has changed as well - and I hope improved - as my life experiences have helped me to feel and express myself more deeply - and I'm now an expert at holding for laugh lines or acting over a loud cell phone ring. "

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