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Cathy has had 34 years of experience in New York commercial theater and regularly consults on both the processes of identifying and adapting commercial theater space. Having built the Theater Center in 2005, Cathy is now raising capital for a new
state-of-the-art Off-Broadway theater complex. 


The star of Perfect Crime has played

the same role in 12,335 performances

and counting

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Cathy has built several Off-Broadway theater spaces in Times Square. In 1994 Cathy renovated a dilapidated strip club, the “Paris Burlesque,” at 46th Street and Broadway as a 165-seat Off-Broadway home for Perfect Crime, the show did booming business for 12 years.

After the building was sold in 2005, the show moved four blocks north, where Cathy built two 199-seat Off-Broadway theaters and two rehearsal studios. The 20,000 square feet space is located at 1627 Broadway. Cathy also procured and negotiated the first Off-Broadway corporate sponsorship with Snapple. Both theaters and the studios have been fully booked since the space's opening. Perfect Crime breaking records in the Anne L. Bernstein Theater and a revival of The Fantasticks (of which Cathy co-produced) -  the longest running musical in the world opening the Theater Center in 2005. Since The Fantasticks closed in 2016, The Office! A Musical Parody, Singfeld! A Musical Parody About Nothing and Friends The Musical Parody have been playing to sold out houses in the Jerry Orbach Theater, named in partnership with Elaine Orbach and Dick Wolf/Wolf Films.


The Jerry Orbach Theater

anne bernstein house copy.jpg

The Anne Bernstein Theater

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