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Catherine Russell

Catherine Russell is an experienced theater manager and actress having worked in the Off-Broadway industry for over 40 years. Named the "Cal Ripken of Broadway" by People Magazine, Cathy has fully immersed herself in all aspects of the theater industry. In addition to her record-breaking performance in Perfect Crime, Catherine built and has since managed Off-Broadway's The Theater Center, creating Off-Broadway's first corporate partnership. Additionally, Catherine has been teaching acting as an adjunct professor at NYU Steinhardt since 1981. 

New Theater Project

Catherine is currently raising money to renovate a Times Square garage and convert it into a multi venue performance and rehearsal venue: 5 Off-Broadway theaters varying in size from 99 seats - 399 seats and several rehearsal studios. Currently we have 4 million dollars in the bank and need an additional 5.5 million of capitalization. Cathy is happy to provide a business plan (with a very strong recoupment schedule) and a feasibility study to anyone interested in investing or joining her to raise money for the project.

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News & Media

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Why Off-Broadway?

Mayor Bill de Blasio at the re-opening of Perfect Crime and 34th anniversary.

The Theater Center was one of the first venues in NYC to open with live actors - and the first to receive permission from Actors' Equity to re-open.

In October 2020, Cathy organized a class action suit with several other small venues. The group hired attorney James Mermigis, who successfully sued to get gyms and restaurants open in NYC, asking that our small Covid-safe venues be treated as equal to gyms, restaurants, bowling alleys, churches, catered events, film shoots and SNL  - and allowed to re-open. A few days before we were due in court, Governor Cuomo decided to open small venues at 33% capacity. Now all theaters are open at 100% in NYC.

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